Agile roles in Setchu

These are the base roles associated with a Setchu team organisation:

Setchu's full scale Agile team organisation
Setchu’s full scale Agile team organisation

Product Owner

This is the key stakeholder asking for the product. They will be the person ultimately accountable for the spend developing the product and its success. 

Product Architect

Product Architects essentially fill the role of a typical solutions architect (or potentially an EA if the scale is very big). They are responsible for ensuring that the key technical decisions and dependencies align between features. They try to keep Product Owner’s aspirations grounded in reality and try to balance short-term value with the longer-term (rework and maintenance) cost of any features.

Product Integrator

The Product Integrator’s role relates to the build and delivery of the product as a whole. As a dedicated resource, this is an optional role, depending of the scale and complexity of your product. For smaller products or in a landscape where your build process is already well established and repeatable, this responsibility can be distributed to each individual feature team.

Feature Owner

Feature Owner’s are essentially the Scrum role of Product Owner, except their Product is a specific Feature within a large, complex Product. A typical feature could be the basket on an ecommerce website or a suite of similar services.

Feature Master

A Feature Master is simply the Agile coach (aka Scrum Master) for their feature set (team).

Team Members

This should be a cross-functional team – with all the skills required to deliver their feature, possibly including the traditional roles of an architect, analyst, testers, a UI designer and some developers.

Secondary Roles

These are typically specialists that are only required on an ad-hoc basis. They could be SEO experts, performance specialists or any other activity outside of the experience of the team.

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