About Setchu

Setchu adds, extends and refines ideas from Scrum, Kanban, Lean and more, using elements of almost all the aforementioned practices to form a new hybrid approach. It’s not so much revolutionary as it is evolutionary. Essentially it’s an approach that attempts to allow some hierarchical coordination for Agile teams working on complex enterprise solutions.

Setchu is an approach to Agile that attempts to address how teams, their processes and practices scale with the size of the undertaking. There are many successful methodologies that have proven success for small teams and products, but other scaled solutions can be dogmatic and often fail to pragmatically adapt to wider concerns.

The name “Setchu” (折衷) derives from a Japanese word that means to blend and compromise. That’s exactly what Setchu advocates.

Agile Programme


Setchu does not attempt to address wider business governance, processes or strategy beyond product level concerns. It simply approaches the delivery of (multi-feature) projects, based on the vision of the business, within its constraints.

It may be used to deliver several products within a larger programme of work, but any overarching, strategic or portfolio level decisions are not in scope.

This allows Setchu to co-exist in any organisation and with (enterprise architecture) frameworks such as TOGAF or perhaps surprisingly, project management frameworks like PRINCE2. Very simply, the business provides any high-level direction about what it needs and the time and resources available, while Setchu attempts to maximise the value of the resulting output from any development activity.


Presently, all of our experience used to form the advice and practices described on this site are from a software development context. Some techniques will be very obviously specific to that domain, whereas other approaches may be more universal. Our focus is deliberate, as we don’t want to bloat or compromise the framework to cater for every potential usage. However, please feel free to make use of whichever components of Setchu may be of benefit to you.

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